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Target Markets

Although the focus is on the Travel industry, Ado Protocol is building an ecosystem that targets a large non-crypto audience while offering better products for crypto audience. Ask yourself, who doesn't go on at least one vacation per year? For non-crypto audience, better hotel prices and better vacation prices through leveraging discounts on Ado Travel. For crypto-audience, NFTs with real utility, GameFi elements through upgrading the discount level, sustainable revenue through loaning your loyalty program in Ado Earn. Advantages over existing competitors such as, and are both in terms of hotel prices as well as more efficient marketing. The existing travel market has high prices due to high advertising costs. On the crypto part, lack of revenue raises doubts about the long-term sustainability. There is a large unmet demand for travel services. While competition is using 30%-50% as profit margin, we're confident the ecosystem is sustainable with only 10-20% and more revenue sources. The ecosystem is built on global offers. There might be some geographical limitations for vacations while for hotels and flights there is none. Starting with Web3 and crypto advertising removes all barriers to entry in the travel market.