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ADO Earn

While most people travel only a couple of times per year and we want to encourage trading with the NFTs, we don't like refusing customers on Ado Travel. Considering that we also want to keep the NFTs numbers as reduced as possible, we came up with the idea of earning passive income by staking your NFT on Ado Earn so that others can use it to generate a discount code and travel with discount on Ado Travel. That's the core definition of passive earnings. Only NFTs that have max discount are eligible to stake on Ado Earn.
Stake your NFT on ADO Earn:
  • Free staking/unstaking on Ado Earn
  • NFTs do not upgrade/add country while staked on Ado Earn
  • anyone can loan your NFT to generate a discount code and make an order on Ado Travel
  • to loan an NFT you need to pay 30% of the discount shown in ADO
  • loan fee is split between the NFT Holder (50%) and Ado Treasury (50%)
  • cashback is paid directly to the person that loaned the NFT after he travels to make sure we avoid charge-backs
  • discount is applied right away when making the booking
  • NFTs shown on Ado Earn are sorted by country, tier, and availability
  • to give fair chances to everyone, after returning from loan, the NFT is placed at the bottom of the search result
Example: if the discount shown on Ado Travel is $150, you need to pay a fee of $45 in ADO to get the $150 discount with your booking. The fee is split to NFT Holder ($22.5) and Ado Treasury ($22.5).
Last modified 1mo ago