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ADO Travel

Our mission with Ado Travel is to offer users the best prices.
Ado Travel is a Travel Portal with vacations, hotels, flights, city breaks, and event tickets. It will start with our offer from existing suppliers and it's going to expand on that and add more properties. There are already 250.000 hotels on offer, not limited to Europe. Payment is possible with a credit/debit card and discount/cashback will be shown next to the price of each service, before booking. Future developments of Ado Travel include expanding on our services offer and developing IOS/Android applications. It also includes developing infrastructure so that service providers can list their property directly without going through an intermediary.
Discount/Cashback will be shown next to the products: vacations, hotels, and cruises. Cashback/Discount will not be available for airline tickets and event bookings. You can generate a discount code by having a Travel NFT from our collection or by paying on Ado Earn for an NFT owned by someone else. To be eligible for an upgrade to your NFT the Discount/Cashback shown on the website must be higher than 25$. NFTs are preloaded with a default upgrade per country and can be upgraded up to 100%. Each upgrade level is 10%. For the people that don't have an ADO NFT, they can loan one from ADO Earn to make the booking. For more details please check our NFT, Ado Earn, and Upgrade pages.