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Our Main Purpose - Adoption
Our main purpose at ADO Protocol is to increase crypto adoption and deliver better DeFi products. ADO Protocol aims to become the leading digital services provider for real-world applications on blockchain such as travel, entertainment, and investing. Our motivation for creating Ado Protocol is to deliver better DeFi products with a solid economic framework. ADO Protocol is structured to build a collaborative community and subsequently, grow businesses that bring revenue.
We have started with crypto as investors in 2019. We quickly realized that most projects have the sale of tokens as a business model. Our opinion is that this economic model is flawed and it's bound to fail at some point. Our team strongly believes that we can build a different path forward and create a strong economic model through services and revenue. When COVID hit, we were forced to put a stop to developing our Travel Business. It was a hard time for the Travel industry all over the world. Those times have taught us valuable lessons and given us time to start working on Ado Protocol.
ADO Protocol already has a working Blockchain, a Decentralized Exchange, a Block Explorer and a Custom Swap on Testnet. Mainnet will be launched at a later date. Upcoming projects are Ado Travel Portal, NFT Collection with upgradable travel discounts, Ado Earn and Ado Wallet with iOS and Android App as well as FIAT on-ramp integration.