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Product Proposition

Why ADO Protocol?
We believe that the value of any project is given by its community. Above all, we value the interests of our holders and offer total transparency.
From concept to execution, ADO Protocol is built differently than most crypto start-ups. Being able to adapt fast to market conditions is important in crypto. A testament to the team's adaptability is the 3 versions of the contract in just 1.5 years from launch. Ado Travel targets all geographic and demographic areas. The travel platform will integrate 6 API's combining a global offer of 250.000 hotels and vacation packages to all exotic destinations built for the European market. Ado NFTs are targeting the non-fungible token market by providing real value to NFT Holders. Each NFT is a loyalty program that allows you access to better prices on travel products. A loyalty program that is non-exclusive to the owner and that can be rented to strangers. Ado Earn is the platform where you can rent your loyalty program to strangers. It is designed for people with more investing power or large audience reach (influencers) so they can have a win-win situation with their audience. Ado Token - the token price will be sustained long term by Travel revenue (10% buy-back and burn) or Protocol revenue (10% burn). Besides this, the token is also needed for Travel discounts by being the exchange currency on Ado Earn and the upgrade currency for NFTs.